Chimney Repair

K Smith Brickwork undertook the work to repoint the chimneys on a Victorian 3 story house which
also included repairs to the existing lead work where needed.
Initially we instructed the construction of full height scaffolding on all 3 chimneys. Once the scaffold
was up and checked off with a scaffold tag, we began by chasing out the bed joint and perps to the
depth of 20/30mm. We used a Grinder with a depth adapter and a connector vacuum hose. (This is
used for dust suppression). 
Once we had chased out the chimney, we washed out any remaining dust and then began the
repointing process. Due to chimney getting the brunt of the weather, we needed to use a 3 & 1 mix for
durability. The top flouncing was also replaced by ourselves. These services were undertaken over a
2-week period. 
We formed site boundary fence lines and secure fencing to prevent unauthorised access. 
Throughout all our works we always use Personal Protection Equipment.


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